'thoughtful' - Samuel Johnson's dictionary definition of 1784:
contemplative, full of reflection, attentive careful
'On these he mused within his thoughtful mind'
John Dryden
                                                                                             English poet & playwright 1631-1700

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For Collection and to Purchase A

Please find below five testimonials from some satisfied customers.

The book has arrived and it is exquisite. I am so very glad I made the right decision to purchase this volume. I also appreciate the way you put the protective cover on this book.

I picked this book because it was a really good copy of this edition and also because I liked the image of the mournful looking woman on the bookplate. I want to reserve this copy for my adult daughter who has some appreciation for these things. I think of her as a character in the Waste Land:

Under the firelight, under the brush, her hair
Spread out in fiery points 
Glowed into words, then would be savagely still.

Thank you again for sending me this beautiful book.

Very best regards,
United States

Philip - many thanks for Desert Journal - arrived in perfect condition - excellent service!
Best wishes RT

Many thanks for the beautiful book which arrived safely yesterday.
I am extremely pleased with it and thank you for yur kind attention
and excellent service. Best wishes, RG.

Thank you very much. I hope I don't expire with excitement before it arrives!
Thank you for your very efficient and courteous service.

Dear Philip and Wendy,
I received the books today. They are in excellent condition and I am already eating them up. With your sending the books, as you stated, last Thursday, and with my receiving them this afternoon, I must say the delivery is impressively fast!
Thank you very much for your kind and patient treatment. 
All the best,


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